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Welcome to the home of NAU’s Arizona Innocence Project (AIP). The AIP is a live-client actual innocence clinic that investigates Arizona cases of alleged wrongful conviction. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with our website, and feel free to contact us for assistance, to support our efforts, or even if you just have a question about wrongful conviction.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Whats New in the AIP?

Guest Speaker: Damien Echols

On Monday April 22, 2013, Damien Echols comes to NAU for a special speaking engagement (7 PM) and book signing (8 PM), in the NAU Cline Library Auditorium. 

Damien Echols was wrongfully convicted in the 1994 case of the “West Memphis 3” in Arkansas, where he spent 18 years on death row, until his exoneration and release in 2011.  Damien’s bestselling book, Life After Death (Blue Rider Press), is a compelling firsthand account of his life before, during, and after his wrongful conviction. 

Please join us for this free speaking event and book signing.  Download the Event Poster PDF HERE

In the News: AIP Featured

The AIP has been featured in the Arizona Daily Sun article: Convicted, But Not Guilty (Larry Hendricks; October 8th, 2012). 

Excerpt:  “Chris Duarte and Ryan Staab put in the legwork.  And based upon their work, they are convinced that a Prescott man was wrongfully convicted of manslaughter in the shooting of another man near his home.  Now, the case is seeing new light in the courts...”                           Read the full article HERE.

Nat’l News: United States Reaches 300th DNA

Exoneration Threshold

On September 28th, 2012, Damon Thibodeaux became the 300th person exonerated by DNA evidence.  Thibodeaux served 15 years on death row for the murder and rape of a cousin that DNA and other evidence proved he did not commit.  He was convicted almost exclusively on the bases of a false confession that was produced as a result of a 9 hour interrogation and the threat of execution. 


Nat’l Registry of Exonerations: 983 Exonerations Since 1989

On October 5th, 2012, Willie Grimes was exonerated in North Carolina.  Grimes was convicted in 1987 of a sexual assault involving an elderly woman in Hickory, North Carolina.  Mr. Grimes was convicted on the basis of cross-racial identification and hair microscopy (comparison).  It was later determined that exculpatory fingerprint evidence was not disclosed to Mr. Grimes' defense team.  Once those prints were uploaded into the AFIS system, there was a hit on Albert Lindsey Turner, the original suspect in the case.  Mr. Grimes was represented by two attorneys with the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence, and a private attorney.


New International Blog Launch: Wrongful Convictions

A new Blog was launched to cover any and all international issues related to the problem of wrongful conviction of the innocent, plus address wrongful conviction and actual innocence issues in an international forum.  Find it HERE

In the News: AIP Director Featured in Radio Interview

Robert Schehr, AIP Director, was featured in a Radio Interview on the Jerry Farias Show.  Listen to the interview HERE

                                          NAU’s Arizona

                     Innocence Project

                     is a 2011 recipient

of the Department of Justice:

Wrongful Conviction Grant Program Award

The AIP has received $242,322 from the Department of Justice, and we would like to express our exceptional gratitude to them for their generous support. 


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“To truly be advocates for justice, we must acknowledge the reality and the injustice of wrongful convictions. The Arizona Innocence Project serves an important role in our criminal justice system, by vigorously reviewing cases of potential actual innocence while also maintaining a sensitivity to the hardships that can result to victims in these cases.” 

David Rozema

Coconino County Attorney

"If you want peace, work for justice." The Arizona Innocence Project has taken up the call and has served as a beacon to bring that feeling of peace through their work for justice. While the work of the Innocence Project looks at the facts and changes in technology to prove their cases they focus on one other essential element: the life of a human being. In their outreach they attempt to remind a person of their innate dignity as a human being, and the rights that are to be guaranteed to ensure that they are treated justly. While the letter of the law may not always find in favor of the work of the Innocence Project, there is no doubt that as they have heard the cry of the poor their work to bring about justice fills this world with peace one person at time.“

Fr. Gary Regula


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“Simply put, joining the AIP changed the entire trajectory of my life.  Once I began investigating the outrageous claims of misconduct and malfeasance all in the name of obtaining convictions, I knew that I had found my calling.  Through the AIP, I obtained a summer internship, which ultimately led to my current full-time position as the Administrative Coordinator & Policy Analyst at the Ohio Innocence Project.  After two years with the AIP, I was able to handle running an innocence law clinic at one of the top law schools in the country.  I was prepared at the AIP on policy issues, so much so that I was knowledgable enough to work on Senate Bill 77 (The Innocence Protection Act) with the Governor of Ohio and many Ohio Senators and Representatives.  I have the AIP to thank for my success and amazing opportunities that continue to happen in the small world of the innocence community.”

Jodi Shorr

Administrative Coordinator & Policy Analyst

Ohio Innocence Project

UC College of Law